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About Us

HYDROTON is a dynamic industrial unit with long experience in the production of paints and varnishes. Established in 1968, it has been at its present self-owned installations since 1977.

The company’s activities include the manufacture and distribution of industrial paints, vehicle paints, marine and architectural paints, specialty paints and intumescent paints.

The company’s objective is to remain at the cutting edge of the Greek market by designing and manufacturing new products as well as promoting innovative advanced compositions. This is achieved thanks to our unflagging cooperation with large foreign producers of raw materials as well as through our keeping abreast with technological advances in the foreign market in combination with our laboratory tests. Controls on raw materials and final products are carried out in our labs on a daily basis to meet the company’s high qualitative criteria. The company is certified with quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Aside from its high-quality products, the company has managed to consolidate its position in a particularly competitive market through its impeccable customer service. It boasts an enviable fleet of vehicles, up-to-date warehouse organisation, specialised software programmes as well as comprehensive technical support from specialised staff.

With a strong sense of responsibility towards customers and employees alike, HYDROTON is unswervingly committed to selecting only the raw materials with strict qualitative specifications and friendly both to man and the environment.

Thanks to its automated technological equipment, know-how, immediate customer service and comprehensive technical support, our company has well and truly established itself in the area of paints, as demonstrated by our many satisfied customers over the years.