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33301 - HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid

33301 - HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid
33301 - HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid
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HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid is an anti-moisture product for terraces and northern walls. It is characterized by the following properties:

  • Elasticity up to 600% in a wide temperature range from -20C to 80C.
  • Non-water permeability, while it allows breathing of the surface.
  • Full resistance to sun and weather conditions.

Recommended use

For a long-lasting protection, the following instructions need to be followed:

  • Good cleaning of the surface from dust and loose elements.
  • Use MEGADUR primer or HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid by diluting with water in a ratio of 2 water / 1 HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid.
  • Use HYDROSEAL PU Hybrid with low dilution or insoluble.

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